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The Winston Salem Police Department is searching for Karen Jane Parrish
May 15, 2015 2:18 PM -- The N.C. Center for Missing Persons has issued a Silver Alert for a missing endangered woman, Karen Jane Parrish.


Below are a number of documents and webistes that should be useful for local risk assessment and mitigation.


Sample Adoption Document for Hazard Mitigation Plans
This document is a sample of the documentation that is needed to officially adopt a local Hazard Mitigation Plan once it has been approved by FEMA. This exact language is not required, but many jurisdictions choose to use it.

Repetitive Loss Property Information Request
Curious about the repetitive loss properties in your community? Need this information for your local plan update? Just fill out this simple form letter and send it in to us and we'll get you the information you need.

NCEM Earthquake Risk and Mitigation Presentation
This presentation was prepared by NCEM's Hazard Mitigation Branch and contains information on the risk posed to North Carolina by earthquakes and outlines the benefits of non structural mitigation.

Landslide Magnitude Information
This spreadsheet includes information on some of the major historical landslides that have occurred in western North Carolina. Perhaps most importantly, it provides data concerning the volume of debris produced by these events which can be used to estimate the likely magnitude of future events in the state.

Summary of the Mitigation Program
This flyer summarizes the basics of the Mitigation program at NCEM, including the major grant programs and eligible activities.

Standard Operating Procedures
This document explains the Standard Operating Procedures that will be followed by the Mitigation Branch when reviewing, implementing and closing out mitigation projects or plans.



The National Climatic Data Center
Probably the best resource for getting data on the history of hazards in your jurisdiction. Just select your county and the type of event you want to know about and you'll get a list of all the significant events since 2006. You can also choose "Database Download" to access a database that contains information as far back as 1950.

UNC Center for Public Health Preparedness
A website from the UNC-CH Center for Public Health Preparedness that contains free, short Internet-based trainings on topics ranging from disease surveillance to bioterrorism.

NC Drought Management Advisory Council
Provides information on current drought conditions across the state and allows you to select from as far back as 2000 to see what the drought conditions were in any given week.

NC Flood Maps
This is North Carolina's flood map clearinghouse and provides interactive maps and other flood data for the state.

NC Geological Survey
Includes a variety of data on landslides in North Carolina by assessing historic events that have occurred in the western part of the state. Lots of great diagrams and pictures.

US Geological Survey
On this website you can read about the history of earthquakes in North Carolina as well as use an interactive search feature to lookup past events within a specified area. Note that latitude/longitude ranges are required to perform the area search.

FEMA Community Status Book
This website can tell you the NFIP status of any community in the state of North Carolina. If a community is not listed in the CSB, it is not a participant in the NFIP. Information available in both XLS and PDF format.

For those with GIS experience, HAZUS is FEMA's risk assessment tool for hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes. On this site you can download the free software to run a model and help you determine the vulnerability of your area. Note that HAZUS requires ArcGIS to run.

FEMA Mitigation Resources
FEMA's library of resources for all things related to mitigation.

Other FEMA Resources
Other resources from FEMA related to Emergency Management generally.




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