Grants Management Section


The mission of the Grants Management section is to ensure the efficient management of federal block grant funds consistent with federal, state and GCC guidelines and to serve as resources for the citizens of North Carolina.


The Grants Management Section oversees federal grants that are administered by the Governor's Crime Commission, assuring that money is spent according to federal, state and agency regulations during the life of the grants.

Grants Management specialists serve as liaisons between subrecipients who receive federal funds and the Governor's Crime Commission. The specialists oversee the operation of all awarded grants assigned to them and provide technical assistance to subrecipients. They are responsible for processing reimbursement requests, adjustments to budgets and other required reports. Not only are they are tasked with monitoring grant cash flow as reimbursement requests are submitted, but also with assisting subrecipients to ensure projects are on schedule financially and programmatically.  This section is responsible for monitoring projects through desk monitoring practices, regular communication and conducting on-site visits to ensure compliance with federal and state financial and program guidelines, and to assess progress toward stated goals and objectives. They make recommendations to the GCC assistant director regarding possible additions to and reversions of money from grant projects.

Annually, the Grants Management Section hosts program development training workshops. During these workshops there is a large general training session, a presentation/demonstration from staff with the DPS IT team regarding the agency's Grants Enterprise Management System (GEMS) and then committee-specific break-out sessions to answer questions about programmatic reporting.  A host of questions ranging from how to adjust budgets to general grant administration questions are answered in these training sessions. In addition, Grants Management specialists are available during the annual Grant Writing workshops, hosted by the Grants Planning Section, to provide technical assistance to prospective grantees.

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