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Welcome to the North Carolina Governor's Crime Commission

The North Carolina Governor's Crime Commission, originally created by the State Legislature in 1968, now serves as the chief advisory body to the governor and the secretary of the Department of Public Safety on crime and justice issues. Forty-four members, along with agency staff, set program priorities, review applications and make recommendations to the governor for the State's Criminal Justice, Crime Victims' Services and Juvenile Justice Federal grants. Federal block grants are awarded each year to government, education and social service agencies to start new and innovative programs and to continue efforts to reduce crime. 

The HERO/ICAC and Body Camera solicitation is currently open for applicants to apply
through the GEMS system.


Governor Pat McCrory appointed Chris Swecker, the FBI's former chief in North Carolina, to chair the Governor's Crime Commission. Swecker is an attorney for his own general law practice, focusing on criminal and civil litigation. Prior to this, Swecker worked as the global security director for Bank of America. He is also a retired FBI assistant director and special agent in charge of N.C. FBI operations. Before becoming a special agent, Swecker was an assistant district attorney for the First District of NC. He has been appointed the governor's Designee. The Governor's Crime Commission serves as the chief advisory body to the governor and the Secretary of the Department of Public Safety on crime and justice issues.

A message from Chairman Swecker

The Governor's Crime Commission sets program priorities, reviews and makes recommendations to the governor for grant awards.  The Commission consists of 44 members, including heads of statewide criminal justice and human service agencies, representatives from the courts, law enforcement, local government, the General Assembly, non-profit agencies, private citizens and youth representatives.  


Executive Director

Governor Pat McCrory announced the appointment of David Huffman as executive director of the Governor's Crime Commission on June 7th, 2013.

“David Huffman will bring a law enforcement leadership perspective as the new executive director of the Governor's Crime Commission,” said Governor McCrory. “David's thirty-plus years in law enforcement demonstrate his passion and commitment to preventing crime and keeping North Carolina residents safe.”

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